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“I love Me” apparel was created to empower young girls to love themselves, their uniqueness and individuality.  We want all girls to believe that their differences make them beautiful.  We hope that this brand will encourage them not to succumb and be influenced by the stereotypes and opinions of others or those displayed by the various media avenues.  We hope that “I Love Me” will inspire young girls to embrace who they are and stay true to themselves.

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Meet the creator 

My name is Heavin and I am 10 years old.  I came up with the brand “I Love Me” because I think in this world a lot of girls don't like themselves because of body shaming, acne, media images and their skin color.  I want all girls to love themselves. 


At the age of 5, I started to dislike the color of my skin and used to be insecure about my height.  I was also bullied in the first grade because I am double jointed and skinny. My classmates would make fun of me.  I was insecure about my body image but after taking time to myself and with the encouraging words of my parents, I regained my confidence.  I now embrace my height, skin complexion and body image.  I am more confident now than ever and I hope to pass this on to other girls in this world.  


I want all girls to embrace their uniqueness.  I am passionate about “I Love Me” apparel because I am passionate about making all girls feel good about themselves.

Meet the Creator
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